Why working for a Start-Up will change your life

By Emily Lansdowne (on behalf of WONE Internship)


In today’s consumerist world, people are beginning to tire of the day-in-day-out 9-5 grind that comes with working for huge corporate companies. Many of us have become disenfranchised with the big firms that dominate markets in almost every single sector. Common side effects of working for such corporations include: the sensation of powerlessness, zero attention to your personal development, and a lack of passion for your job.


Does this sound all too familiar?


Then it’s time to take the leap and try working for a Start-Up!


While the initial rewards are often lower, the time and effort you invest into the company will earn you a bigger pay packet as the company grows. As a plus, you also get to see how your own endeavours shape your future. Instead of being constrained to endless paperwork, pointless meetings and stuck in a team of dull people who are bored out of their minds, Start-Ups are full of people following their dreams and determined to achieve the best. The colleagues who surround you will be driven individuals who push you to reach your potential.



  • Direct Impact


Instead of feeling pointless and having little effect on the big decisions that are made, you will have regular contact with the decision makers. This greater level of influence means you have more power over your own job and improves your attitude towards work.


  • Tons of  Opportunities


New projects will constantly arise, allowing you the chance to show off your talents and try out something you have never had access to before. Often Start-Ups begin in Coworking offices which means you get to know the big brands of tomorrow – overall a great way of improving your network.


  • Varied tasks


Instead of doing the same thing every day, the changing nature of Start-Ups means that your boss will often ask you to carry out different duties depending on the current business priority. This makes workdays fly by and keeps your brain well exercised. As well as the tasks being varied, the work is real and adds value to the business – not just constant paperwork or filling in meaningless reports.


  • Positive work culture


One of the biggest contrasts is the atmosphere of innovation in the offices of Start-Ups compared to corporations. Due to there being a smaller number of employees you form a personal connection with each colleague, meaning you soon become a tight-knit team. This intimate ambience fosters communication and your sense of responsibility and ownership over the end product increases. Making the change to a Start-Up allows you to be yourself rather than have to follow corporate policies and be stuck under


  • Recognition


While working in a Start-Up you will receive non-stop feedback on your efforts, which is one of the most effective ways of becoming a more efficient and valued employee. It also allows you to know exactly how are doing and which areas you need to focus on improving. The input of each team member is recognised as you all share in the Start-Up’s success. As the company grows, the chance to be promoted is much higher as Start-Ups usually do not have rigid hierarchical management structures.


  • Budgeting


Due to Start-Ups having to make the most of every penny, you will soon improve your own skills at handling money (an extremely useful skill to take advantage of for your personal finances). Investment must be spent in a way that boosts the growth rate of the Start-Up, so your evaluative skills will be enhanced from seeing which divisions the CEO/Founder chooses to direct the investment funds to.


  • Learn


Being around entrepreneurs and self-starters provides you with tips to take your own ideas and turn them into business reality. Their advice will be invaluable to achieving your own success and by talking with them everyday you will soon see your confidence growing, this environment of cutting-edge ideas will inspire and enrich your life, often sparking winning product concepts. Learning from your peers leads to faster self-development.


  • Challenge yourself


It takes courage to leave a stable job and start again with a new company, especially if it is new and it’s future is not as certain as the giant firm.

But, working for a Start-Up will give you the chance to push yourself and see what you can make of yourself. Yes, it is a challenge but if you want to change your life you must step out of your comfort zone in order to see things from a different perspective.


The biggest change you will experience is that the people working in a Start-Up care about what they are doing. There is often a story behind why the company was created and an ultimate goal to work towards which is a refreshing change and keeps motivation high.

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