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Connecting international talent with the world’s best start-ups around the world.

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We are the only internship placement program with a focus on getting students roles in fast growing early stage start-ups.

Our interns are placed on the front lines of business, working alongside CEOs, founders, and VPs on projects such as financial planning, market research, product design, competitive analysis, strategy, website design, branding decisions, or wherever your interests lie. When you’re placed in an innovative company in need of ambitious workers, the possibilities are limitless. Be prepared to become their newest full-time employee and play a critical role in the company from day one. Not only will this experience and new set of skills be invaluable for any future role, it will also give you a glimpse into entrepreneurship and give you an advantage if you chose to start your own company one day. 

I am really impressed by the interns that we hosted thanks to WONE. They were very qualified with a great team spirit and provided us a high-quality work.
Pablo Mascaró
Head of Marketing at One Co Work

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Our Story.

Wone was founded in 2015 to revolutionize the traditional internship experience. The company was created with a focus on quality learning, customized experiences, and entrepreneurship. The mission was simple: connect the best international student talent with the fastest growing start-ups. The company has since expanded into a truly international team with team members from Canada, France, Germany, Honduras, Hong Kong, and Scotland to name a few.

Through participating in an international internship at a fast-growing start-up, students are exposed to a broad overview of the company and given a high diversity of tasks. Not only does this arm the student with valuable skills, it also gives students a great level of confidence, independence, and a truly international network. It also provides students with a deeper understanding of starting a company and prepares them for potentially starting one of their own later in life. Additionally, it provides immediate career benefits with US studies showing that graduating students with international experience earn $7000 USD more in their first job and are hired significantly faster than their peers without international experience.

Quality internships in your specific field of choice are exceptionally hard to secure, especially when you’re applying from a foreign country. A survey we ran found that 58% of students who had searched for internships were unable to find one. We make this easier for you by doing what we are good at. We utilize our vast network of start-ups and housing providers, our knowledge of the visa process, and expertise of the cities to do all the hard work for you and ensure you gain valuable work experience while also having the summer of your life in a world class city.

If you’re not yet convinced, check out the About Us page or see our Barcelona or Lisbon program overview pages. If you are convinced, send us an application free of charge and we can discuss your customized international internship experience.

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