Inspirational Blog Posts

By Emily Lansdowne on behalf of WONE Internship

We live in a world that changes faster each day; it is an unavoidable fact of life. Humans are not wired to like change but instead of pushing back against it we should learn to accept change so we can continually move forward.


For many of us change is a scary thing, it means facing the unknown (something which humans fear). Even though change can be positive we often resist it because it breaks our routine. While we know that our lives will not stay the same forever we are not keen to accept the rapid change that occurs in the modern world. Have you ever asked yourself why? Or what would happen if we stopped resisting and embraced the change?

The more you go ‘out of your comfort zone’ the more you will experience in life

Do you want to be the person that misses out because they were scared of doing something new? Of course not!


A change represents a new opportunity

We are taught from a young age that we should take every opportunity to succeed, so why not go for it? Taking the risk on a change can pay off big time.


You discover more about yourself

Each person has his or her own limitations but you don’t know which you can push past until you try.


Staying the same is boring

Your brain thrives from making new connections and you must expose yourself to new environments in order to do this. Living your whole life exactly the same way would get dull very quickly. We need change to keep us alert and interested in living each day to the fullest.