Virtual Internships

Unleash your global experiences from home. We vetted opportunities for you from our extensive global companies network and provide you a life changing experience which you are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Program Overview:

Are you looking for an international work experiences specifically in Startups at European based companies? This is the right virtual program for you! 

WONE internship team has spend years building an extensive companies network and bring them to you. A virtual internship will expand your international vision, while being affordable

With a range of industries such as advertising, business development, marketing, communication and IT, you can intern in our companies that are located in Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal

* We also provide you with customised internship locations within EU region upon request. 

Program Benefits:

international experience

Our programs allow you gain an international work experiences despite the current restrictions, by working along-side with a remote international team, you get to experience international working cultures and cross-cultural management.

expand professional network

There is no other way than participate an internship through WONE virtual programs to meet up with international entrepreneurs, investors and startups ecosystems.


Comparing to an offshore program, virtual internships are much more affordable and more accessible. You are able to develop your skillsets while working from home remotely and gain a reference letter and certificate upon successful completion.

get ready for the market uncertainty

Stay skilled and competitive given the current uncertain situation, our program will provide you an international experience to make you stand out comparing to your peers.

Virtual Internship Program

Guaranteed Internship, customisable length

  • Duration: 6 up to 12 weeks
  • Destinationa (virtual): Spain & Portugal
  • Program starts every 1st and 15th of the month
  • Internship Type: Full-time / Part-time
  • One time program fee No Deposit or Application Fee

Funding Options: 

No deposit or application fee is required, a one-time payment is due immediately after your confirmation into the program and prior to company outreach process. If you wish to pay by instalment, it may be available, please send an email to our team at for more information. 

Scholarship and financial-aid:

may be possible for Virtual Internship Program. For more info, please view our page under scholarship section. 

Alumni discount: 

If you are a WONE program alumni, a 20% program fee discount is directly applied upon your application to Virtual Internship Programs. 

University discount: 

20% discount applicable to partnership Universities or candidates who are enrolled or alumni from our partnership Universities. 

Our students say

I chose to do the Barcelona program and I worked for 6 weeks in tech startup. I really liked this internship because working in a start-up is very different experience from working in big companies. Here you have to create everything by yourself so you can learn more and know how the company is built. I met so many interesting people from different countries and companies because I had the chance to work in a co-working space. Other than the internship, WONE proposed a great variety of activities so I discovered a lot of Barcelona but my favourite was definitely the Sitges trip because it is such a beautiful and quiet place.
Qiyao L.
Past Candidate

Guaranteed remote internship Placement

Get the best out of your career at uncertain times.  We collaborate with high-growth ventures in our network, in Lisbon, Barcelona & Madrid to provide you with a guaranteed, remote internship opportunity in one of your preferred industries.

What are included?

Although Remote, You Will Receive A List Of Benefits Provided For You Throughout The Virtual Program. They Include:

  • Career Consultation
  • Guaranteed Remote Internship Placement 
  • Career Development Final Feedbacks & Review
  • Internship Reference Letter (Upon Satisfactory Completion)
  • Virtual Program Completion Certificate

Application Process:

Follow an easy application process and land your remote internship. Our common placement time from application to receiving an offer is between 1-6 weeks.  

Step 1: Application Online 

Step 2: Screen Interview (If Needed) 

Step 3: Career Consultation & Internship Placement

Step 4: Secure your Placement & Start your Internship


Most frequent questions and answers

A remote internship is by definition, an online / virtually operated internship at an organisation. 

CareerVetted charges a one-time service fee that covers our services in screening, match making, communication & support for your internship placement and quality assurance. 

No, the remote internship will not require you to apply a VISA.

For more information, you can check out our Industry Page.  We provide you a wide range of internship opportunities ranging from Business Development, Sales to Operations, Finances, Communications and Journalism. 

Mostly, your internship provider will onboard you with guidelines and welcome you to the team. While mostly now work are done remotely, you will become a part of team on a daily basis and report to your manager at your organisation. CareerVetted staffs provide you with support in case you have further questions.

We provide a flexible range of internship programs on a demand basis. For more information, please refer to our date & fee page.

Unfortunately, most of our remote internship do not provide stipends. Due to the location restriction, you are expected to provide your own devices. However, different organisations have variations. For further questions, please contact us on an individual basis. 

Based on our terms& conditions, once you have enrolled into the internship program, if you would like to make a change to your internship position and/or organisation, you would need to inform us at least 4 weeks prior to the start of your internship. You are also responsible for the fees paid in case another placement opportunity cannot be provided.

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