Virtual Internships

The Power of Now: Make the most out of your current location while gaining valuable working experiences from anywhere.

During the special vulnerable time where all the workforces are moving from collaborative office spaces to home-office, major companies have also moved forward in an online format for their summer internship programs. A remote internship can provide you with necessary work experience from home, and enable you to be better prepared for the future to come. 

Guaranteed remote internship Placement

Get the best out of your career at uncertain times.  We collaborate with high-growth ventures in our network, in Lisbon, Barcelona & Madrid to provide you with a guaranteed, remote internship opportunity in one of your preferred industries.

What does it include?

Although Remote, You Will Receive A List Of Benefits Provided For You Throughout The Virtual Program. They Include:

  • Career Consultation
  • Guaranteed Remote Internship Placement 
  • Career Development Final Feedbacks & Review
  • Internship Reference Letter (Upon Satisfactory Completion)
  • Virtual Program Completion Certificate

How it works?

Follow an easy application process and land your remote internship. Our common placement time from application to receiving an offer is between 1-6 weeks.  

Step 1: Application Online 

Step 2: Screen Interview (If Needed) 

Step 3: Career Consultation & Internship Placement

Step 4: Secure your Placement & Start your Internship

Why you should consider a virtual internship?

 Be more Competitive, more prepared  comparing to your peers. Learning new skills online is not just enough. Equip yourself with real-time work experiences and gain Valuable network from home and remotely.

    Dates & Fees

    Batch 1: 
    15th Of June, 2020 (6 Weeks)

    6th Of July, 2020 (6 Weeks)

    Batch 3: 
    20th Of July, 2020 (6 Weeks)

    Program Fee:
    1090 EUR (All-inclusive) 


    Most frequent questions and answers

    A remote internship is by definition, an online / virtually operated internship at an organisation. 

    CareerVetted charges a one-time service fee that covers our services in screening, match making, communication & support for your internship placement and quality assurance. 

    No, the remote internship will not require you to apply a VISA.

    For more information, you can check out our Industry Page.  We provide you a wide range of internship opportunities ranging from Business Development, Sales to Operations, Finances, Communications and Journalism. 

    Mostly, your internship provider will onboard you with guidelines and welcome you to the team. While mostly now work are done remotely, you will become a part of team on a daily basis and report to your manager at your organisation. CareerVetted staffs provide you with support in case you have further questions.

    We provide a flexible range of internship programs on a demand basis. For more information, please refer to our date & fee page.

    Unfortunately, most of our remote internship do not provide stipends. Due to the location restriction, you are expected to provide your own devices. However, different organisations have variations. For further questions, please contact us on an individual basis. 

    Based on our terms& conditions, once you have enrolled into the internship program, if you would like to make a change to your internship position and/or organisation, you would need to inform us at least 4 weeks prior to the start of your internship. You are also responsible for the fees paid in case another placement opportunity cannot be provided.

    Accelerate Your Career With Hands-On Experience.

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