Halfway through your college journey, you start realizing how much you’re in dire need of some career advancement tips. The job market is vast and diverse and offers a wide array of opportunities – you’ll often find yourself lost, unable to make a decision at first, and of course, intimidated by the competition.

Some students start off their first year 100% sure of what they want their career paths are going to be like, while others still want to try different options before they settle down. And that’s completely fine! You don’t need to know what kind of career path you’ll have now, that’s what those years are for. You need to explore your options, take risks and initiatives to get a clearer vision of what you’re passionate about.

A college diploma does open doors of opportunities, but in the end, how successful you want to get completely falls into your own hands.

But what better time to start than now? New year, new you right? You can spend the year 2018 actively working towards advancing your career and working on yourself to ensure a kick start for your career. Career management and advancement is something that you must proactively work on, and something that you should invest hours in for it to work. The benefits in the end though? Worth it!


Good career choices are extremely important early in your career and college life, and the earlier you start, the more chance of taking risks and discovering your passion you have. Here are some of the top tips you should keep in mind if your main goal is to advance and improve your career.

1.The more internships, the better.

There is no doubt that the more internships you have, the more you stand out. Employers are actively looking for people who have had previous work experience and it will most definitely help you skip ahead of other candidates. You’ll have more of a professional edge, and an internship is guaranteed to connect you with other opportunities and shed a light on your passion.

By getting hands-on experience in the industry you’re interested in, you get to know more about your passions and whether you want to continue working in this field or not. Put more emphasis on small companies that are known for their high-growth and fast advancement – this way you’re guaranteed to get more real-world educational input.

Don’t just treat your internship as just a resume-filler that you can show off later on, actually give it your best, do your best and trust us – you’ll thank yourself later!

For an even more unique experience, try an internship abroad. You’ll be able to mix the experience of living abroad and experiencing a new culture with kick-starting your career at high-growth companies. Networking? Check! Intercultural communication skills? Also check! Will your CV stand out? Most definitely.

2.What are your interests?

Focus on what you really like at first. What makes you giddy? What do you love? Focus on your passions and interests and try to turn those into money-making assets. Find majors that you love, identify different career paths you want to take and weigh your pros and cons.

It is no secret that the happiest professionals are the ones that work in an industry they love!

3.Take Risks

We all know it: taking risks is risky. But taking risks when you’re still a student is one of the most beneficial things you can do. This is the time to take risks, to explore, to show that you want to make a change and change yourself. Try different industries, take unusual opportunities and dive into the entrepreneurial world.

4.The holy trinity: your resume, Linkedin and cover letter.

Your CV, resume, and Linkedin could be a make it or break it for your potential employers. Make sure you clearly state what positions you had, what your achievements were and how you contributed to the companies you worked for before. Ensure that they’re polished, clean and look professional.

5.Focus on making an impact immediately.

Whether you’re looking for an internship or starting a side business or just a group project – always focus on making an impact and change. Dive head first and take challenges, ask for new projects to be given to you, job shadow, and it’s no doubt that the more impact you make, the faster you’ll get noticed. That’s why working at start-ups and high-growth companies is extremely beneficial

6.Network, network, network!

Networking is one of the most important things you should be working on right now as a college student. Make connections, and most importantly, have genuine interactions. Having a professional network is essential – after all, your job can come and go, but a professional network will always be there hiding multiple opportunities. It’s always important to keep your network professional and diverse, and always present yourself professionally in events. Search for the top professional and networking events in your city and go there. Start with your university’s network – your professors, colleagues and faculty!

7.Actively work on your professional development.

Set apart some time to find a skill that you think will be beneficial and spend time working on it. Learn multiple skills through online courses or face to face courses, and expand your knowledge and skillset. Employers highly admire people with different sets of skills as this shows their dedication and increases their marketability.

8.Don’t settle for a job you’re not passionate about.

In the end, the most important thing is to never settle for something you’re not passionate about. Don’t just get something that pays the bills. Not only will it affect your mood, but it will also affect how well you do your work which won’t reflect positively on you!

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