What our interns say

I did an internship in digital marketing for 8 weeks where I had to manage the company’s social medias and create interesting content. I am pleased with my company placement; I have been seeing co-working spaces before but I never had the chance to work in one before WONE. I liked the way of doing things in this company, they taught me so much and encouraged me a lot. With WONE I had the opportunity to discover more of Barcelona thanks to the activities proposed, I could have discovered them by myself but it would have been less fun without the other students.  

Daniel Ching

Marketing intern - barcelona program'18

During my 6 weeks’ program, I worked for mobile app as a marketing intern and I was in charge of creating content, analysing the social media’s influence and going to events to collect creative ideas for the company. I feel like in Barcelona I could really try new things during my internship, things I could never do in Hong Kong and it was both challenging and new to me. I loved living in this city, because of its strong culture, delicious food, and the proximity of the beach.

Alice Wong

Marketing intern - Barcelona program'18

I worked as an communication intern at where my missions were to manage the social medias and create content for the company. Thanks to this internship I acquired a lot of new skills, such as digital design, among others, and it will be truly helpful for my future career. I appreciated working in a start-up because I could communicate and share ideas more openly with my boss and the atmosphere was really friendly. I chose this program as a Graduation trip and it was the perfect opportunity to gain more work and life experience, to grow as a person and to discover a whole different culture.

Sienna Tsang

communication intern - barcelona program ' 18

I chose to do the Barcelona program and I worked for 6 weeks in tech startup. I really liked this internship because working in a start-up is very different experience from working in big companies. Here you have to create everything by yourself so you can learn more and know how the company is built. I met so many interesting people from different countries and companies because I had the chance to work in a co-working space. Other than the internship, WONE proposed a great variety of activities so I discovered a lot of Barcelona but my favourite was definitely the Sitges trip because it is such a beautiful and quiet place.

Qiyao Liu

communication intern - barcelona program '18

I worked as an intern at Translation Service Company in Barcelona and my main mission was to create marketing content. I loved working in a start-up because I had the chance to meet so many interesting people and not only from my company, to chat with them and learn to know each other. I really enjoyed being part of this program because I gained valuable work experience but also an enriching life experience.  I was really satisfied with my accommodation, I lived near La Rambla so I truly was in the centre of the city and I could enjoy and discover this amazing city as much as possible. I also participated to nice activities offered by WONE, like a picnic at Bunker del Carmel where I was really happy to enjoy the moment and the beautiful view with the other participants from the program.

Vanessa Yung

translation intern - barcelona program ' 18

I did my internship Barcelona, in a e-commerce company that succeeded in a very recent Kickstarter campaign.  My missions were to deal with customer service and manage social media networks. I am very satisfied with my internship, the team was really nice to me and I learned so many things. One of the best things about working in a start-up is that the scale of the company is quite small so there is a good communication inside the team. I am very thankful for having the chance to do this program with WONE because it is a great opportunity for students to get work experience in a European company, learn a lot of new things and to broaden our horizon.

Bryant Wong

digital marketing intern - barcelona program '18

I worked for a company named Viume in Barcelona for 6 weeks. I enjoyed my internship a lot, the team was really friendly, they taught us many things and we also had the chance to use our skills to solve problems. Thanks to WONE I had the opportunity to discover Barcelona and enjoyed every second of my journey there. It is such a beautiful city, with a lot of culture and sites to discover, delicious food but also there you can never get bored, there are always things to do and have fun.

Yueming Li

graphic design intern - barcelona program '18