One of the best things about working in a startup is that the scale of the company is quite small so there is a very good communication inside the team
Bryant Wong
Wone Alumni '18

gain hands-on experience abroad.

Wone is an all-inclusive internship program that gives students the experience of a lifetime at a rapidly growing start-up in an international city. Students are placed in a hands-on role that will give them the chance to grow both professionally and as individuals.

Career Benefits

With the job market becoming ever more competitive, work experience is a vital part of any university education. A hands-on international internship is a unique experience that few students can boast on their resume and will give students a clear advantage over their peers. A recent study showed that 80% of employers actively seek out students with international experience and those same students earn on average $7000 more per year in their first job and are hired more quickly than their peers without international experience. By participating in this program, students will have a greater global cultural understanding and develop a network of international students and founders.


An obvious concern among parents is the safety of their children. It is important to note that all of our destinations are very safe. In addition, we do everything in our power to ensure their safety by providing students with housing in either apartments in safe trendy areas with other Wone students or in student residences with a receptionist at the entrance. Additionally, students have the option of being picked up at the airport to ensure safe entry into the city. Following this, at our welcome event we provide both safety and cultural information to ensure the student makes the most out of their experience while staying safe.

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Universities where our applicants come from

I love travelling and speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. My role is developing startup networks and overlook company matching processes for our program candidates with their ideal start-ups in Spain and Portugal. I feel fortunate to work in the beautiful city of Barcelona and ensure an experience students from different countries around the world. I am here for any questions that students may have about their internship placement.

Andrea Eveverria

Head of Career Development , WONE Internship

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