Non-profits aim to make the world a better place without focusing on a bottom line. The industry is stretched across almost any industry imaginable such as social services, health care, environment, art and culture, economy, and more. Many of these organizations run international operations or at the very least have some form of global aspect to them making international experience an essential piece of any resume when trying to break into this highly competitive industry.

Interning in this industry will lead you to developing skills in program development, policy making, operations, negotiation, and more. In addition to these skills, you will also gain an international perspective which you would not be able to gain from within your own country. 

This will prepare you for a significant number of roles in the industry including analyst, researcher, policy maker, advisor, and more. If you’re interested in making social change across various industries while picking up essential skills and an international outlook along the way, this is the internship for you.