Marketing and Communications

While related fields, marketing and communications focus on entirely different targets when expanding the customer base. Communications is typically more focused on outreach which can come in the form of press releases, contacting media, representing clients at events, writing website content, and similar tasks. Marketing is more focused on discovering market demand for products and converting that information into a sale. One of the most common forms of marketing in the modern economy is with digital marketing. This role uses social media channels and online advertising to expand the customer base and provide customer support.

An intern in these two fields can take on a huge variety of tasks mainly involving conducting research and then using that information create content across several different channels and mediums. Interns in this field will develop skills in market research, content creation, and more in addition to knowledge of marketing channels and customer acquisition strategies. 

If using creative tactics to enthrall an audience all while focusing on the goal of company growth sounds exciting, this is the internship for you.