Law has been the basis of modern society for thousands of years and is what ensures that civilized humans remain civil. The law only functions if it is enforced and that is where the legal industry comes into play. This industry is more than just lawyers and includes researchers, advisors, barristers, secretaries, attorneys, judges, ushers, assistants, specialists, and more. The law not only affects individuals but also various aspects of business, governments, and international affairs.

Students in this role will typically work alongside lawyers and legal assistants on a variety of tasks such as case management and legal research. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in law or attending law school, this internship will provide you with valuable experience to have an advantage over your peers. The international aspect is especially important as it will show you’re adaptable to high pressure and unfamiliar situations, an essential skill for any lawyer.

If you’re passionate about separating right from wrong and studying the fabric that makes up society, this is the internship for you.