Graphic Design

With aesthetics playing more of a role in human decision making than many of us would like to admit, graphic design is an essential part of any company looking to woo customers or partners. Most corporate material from brochures, websites, and logos need to be intricately designed to present the company in it best light. Due to this, graphic designers play an extremely important role in all industries.

Not only does this internship give you a chance to develop valuable industry experience and a chance to hone your skills, it also helps you build up your portfolio with real life projects. Projects may include designing graphics, logos, newsletter content, website designs, or more. Candidates interested in this field should already have strong skills with design software and an eye for aesthetics.

 An international experience helps by exposing you to different perspectives on design and business that you may not encounter in your own country. If designing the aesthetics for the companies of the future sounds like something you are interested in, this is the internship program for you.