Computer Science

In recent years, technology has truly taken over the global economy with the top 6 largest companies in the world all being technology related. This massive industry is also rapidly growing and likely to be the basis of the economy of the future. There are many branches that you can take including software engineering, web development, technology management, data analysis, hardware development, and more. An internship at an international startup is an excellent way to get a broad view of each of these categories and find where your interests lie.

Roles in this field will involve writing code, doing quality assurance, and suggesting product improvements. For more technical roles, it is required you have some working knowledge with programming. In an industry where practical skills dominate, it is important to have some hands-on experience if you hope to break into this field upon graduation. 

If designing and building software, solving complex problems, and developing your skills with technology sounds like your kind of thing, this is the internship for you.