Business Development

Business Development is a broad role that encompasses several business disciplines including strategy, marketing, and sales to develop products, partnerships, and the customer base. Interns in this field generally will receive broader exposure to a company’s external activities than those narrowed down on a single discipline. This allows interns to get a higher-level view on how the company runs as an entire unit and provide recommendations to expand the company.

Through this program, you will be tasked with conducting competitive analyses, analyzing sales processes, and reducing losses. Business development is a key skill that provides an extremely strong introduction to international markets, business, and operations and is an excellent starting point for future leadership roles. 

An international internship will allow you to see how business works across borders, an increasingly important factor as international trade and partnerships become more commonplace and businesses are rarely restricted to one nation state. If learning the ins and outs of developing a business and analyzing opportunities for growth sound like your kind of thing, this is the program for you.