Advertising is the art of convincing consumers that they need your company’s products. It is an important part of global culture with advertising making up some of the most recognizable imagery throughout the world (think Coca-Cola). Advertising takes on many different forms and can be displayed either digitally, massive electronic billboards in time square, or on the television. Due to the variety of forms advertising comes in, it is truly a multi-disciplinary industry combining fields such as design, marketing, psychology,

Through this internship, you will have the chance to learn about branding, design, value proposition, positioning, consumer behavior, and more. Not only will an international internship provide you with experience advertising across cultures, it will also arm you with valuable skills applicable to a number of other business roles. You will learn the entire framework of creating ads tailored to different market segments to inform the consumer about your product and make the sale. If influencing the culture of the future while learning the art of advertising sounds interesting, then this is the program for you.