It’s the start of the New Year and before you even know it, spring break plans are hoarding your life, the search for summer internships begins and the disheartening fact that you have to work this summer is already making you anxious. Luckily for you, there are a plethora of summer internships abroad and internship abroad programs that could you give that perfect balance of holy-shit-this-is-my-life and actual work!

Whether you just had to go through your sorority sister’s study abroad stories, or dishearteningly watched your friend’s study abroad pictures – you need to know that it’s not too late to live the abroad experience.

Internship abroad programs come in all shapes and sizes – you have summer internships, paid internships abroad, and even volunteer programs and it’s only a matter of choosing what you want to do. To convince you a little bit more, here’s a list of why you should definitely consider an internship abroad in Barcelona or Lisbon this summer.


1.You get to work at high-growth companies and kick-start your career.

Internship Abroad in Barcelona or Lisbon

It is no secret that that today’s job market is not only highly saturated, but it’s also discouragingly competitive. An internship abroad is a surefire way to show that:

  • You have cross-cultural communication skills and have already immersed yourself in a different culture which is a highly needed asset nowadays.
  • You’re confident, ambitious, willing to take risks and most importantly – ambitious. After all, an internship abroad needs all of that and more.
  • You like to stand out and be different. The other candidate can have five internships on your CV, but one internship abroad is worth a lot more than your good old local internship.


Of course, you’ll also be making connections, networking with people from all over the world and experiencing the true meaning of entrepreneurship. Barcelona and Lisbon are two of the highest-growing entrepreneurial hubs right now and it’s an incredible culture to be in that will teach you invaluable life lessons.




2.The holy trinity: the sea, the mountains, and the siestas.

With siesta culture being so prominent in both, Barcelona and Lisbon, your internship abroad experience is bound to be interesting. Work breaks spent sipping on cold beer by the beach, siesta hours spent hiking up to bunkers el carmel and enjoying staggering panoramic vistas, skating by La Barcelonta….You get it!



3.You’ll be surrounded by rich history everywhere you go.

From medieval fortresses to gothic churches – Lisbon and Barcelona are peppered with endless attractions. Walking through gothic quarters, or climbing up nostalgic trams will be your everyday life and you won’t be able to get enough! An internship in Barcelona will expose you to the gorgeous architecture of Gaudi, while an internship in Lisbon will leave you reminiscing over the times Lisbon was one of the greatest cities in the world.



4.Unleash the traveler in you and travel around Europe.

With cheap plane operators like Ryanair and Vueling and extremely cheap hostels, you’ll be able to travel to a different European city every weekend. That’s at least 6 cities in 6 weeks! No more reminiscing over that one time you visited Paris with your parents when you were four. An internship abroad program will help you achieve your travel-blogger-dreams!



5.The Nightlife, the Carnivals and the eternal celebration of life.

Spain and Portugal celebrate a different festival every month. The cities are teeming with all sorts of cultural carnivals, and you’ll find yourself planning a carnival outfit every few weeks. By doing an internship abroad in Barcelona or Lisbon, the permeating celebration of life and joie de vivre that beautifully looms over the city will keep you on your toes all the time.


And for the nightlife? Yeah, these two cities enjoy some of the best nightlife in the world. The beach clubs in Barcelona….Barrio Alto in Lisbon…You won’t be going out before 1 am, and don’t expect to be going home before 5 am. Good luck on that.


6.You’ll meet people from all over the world and make life-long friends.

Lisbon and Barcelona are teeming with expats, study abroad students, and people from all the over the world. You’ll constantly be meeting people from all over the world and experiencing new cultures in a way you could have never imagined before.












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