Accelerate your experience.

A Personalised, Detailed Career Consultation

A Modern, Safe, Central Twin Room

Innovation Deep Tour at Leading Startups and Incubators

Reference Letter, LinkedIn Review & Other Career Support

Hands-on, High-Impact Internship

160+ Hours of On-Site Staff 24/7 Support

Weekly Hand-picked Immersive, Cultural Activities

Access to WONE Alumni Company Network and enjoy other alumni discounts and benefits.

Land Your Dream Internship

30 minutes Placement Placement Plan Skype Call

Online Support Throughout Internship Period

Career Consultation Skype Call

Up to 3 Company Interview Proposals

Reference Letter, LinkedIn Review (Career Support)

Access to WONE Alumni Company Network and enjoy other alumni discounts and benefits.

success story

This experience helped me get more insight into what I can improve in myself in the future, which kind of study field I need to pursue. It really helped me to think of my future career. Now in JP Morgan, when we approach in different investors and companies (now responsible for China, Asia, Europe, US, Australia), my overseas experience will help me to tell apart the different working styles and cultures, and the different economics of companies. Needless to say of course, it helped me thrive in a competitive industry.

Liza, WONE'17
- JP Morgan Hong Kong


Most frequent questions and answers

It depends on which program you have enrolled. Both of our all-inclusive program provides you internship placement, career support, housing, cultural activities and many more. You will not have to be worried while living abroad. Our Service based fee involves a service costs of our career development team to tailor and execute a plan in order to land your dream internship!

Yes, indeed. All-inclusive program offer exactly the same. The only difference in program fee is accommodation costs which may be slightly higher during summer. 

Round-trip Airfare

Visa Application Fee (If Necessary)

Personal Travel Insurance

Daily Budget Expenses While Residing in Barcelona

Housing Deposit

Placement consultation works exactly the same as the usual company placement process. Our experienced Career Developer with work side-by-side with you in order to tailor and execute a plan that works best for your career interests and personal strength. You will receiving a guaranteed internship in less than 3 company interviews usually. 

Bear in mind that a successful company placement may involve, depending on your background, industry preferences and personal options, 5-12 hours of our service work, commonly. 

We do not have an application deadline to our programs. However, all the spots are filled in a rolling basis. We usually suggest our students to start the process 6-8 weeks prior to the program starts and no later than 4 weeks prior to the program starts. 

Currently, WONE does not offer direct scholarships related to any of our programs. We will keep you notified. 

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