Most frequent questions and answers

Wone is a customized international internship placement program. We offer internship placements in fast growing startups across Europe in addition to accommodation and events.

We are the only internship placement company focused on placing students in high growth startups. We believe that in startups, interns are able to have broader and more impactful roles than they would at larger companies.

We have hosted students from all sorts of countries and all sorts of majors. We look for ambitious students who are willing to play an integral role in a startup’s day-to-day operations and growth.

There is no application fee! The application is entirely free and non-committal.

Your spot is secure after paying the deposit fee.

This depends on which nationality you hold. You can find more information on the EU’s website here: http://ec.europa.eu/immigration/do-i-need-a-visa/do-i-need-a-short-stay-visa_en.

While we cannot sponsor or play a leading role in the visa process, we are here to guide you through the application.

If you would like to opt-in for airport pick-up, you must let us know as there is an additional 25 euro fee. However, the public transport system is incredibly efficient and at times faster than taxis.

All of our destinations are extremely safe and have relatively low rates of crime. However, like any city you have to take precautions, so we provide safety information at the introduction session which includes which neighborhoods to avoid and other essential knowledge.

This widely depends on your company’s hours of business and how you choose to spend your day. However, a typical intern may wake up around 8:30am, grab a quick coffee and pastry at a local café, head to work for 10:00am, and finish work at 6:00pm. From there it’s up to you how you want to spend your time! You can enroll in language classes, choose to relax with your roommates, or take in the local sights and culture.

The accommodation depends on location but is either a shared apartment with Wone interns and other international students or a private dorm in a student residence building. One thing that is consistent is that all housing options are located in safe and trendy neighborhoods in the city center. This will let you be close to work and the excitement.

The provision of amenities is entirely up to the landlord. However, apartments typically do not come with towels, fans, and extra pillows but we would be more than willing to point you in the direction of where you can purchase them.

Apart from the orientation dinner you are responsible for all your own meals.

This depends on how far away your work place is and whether or not you want to use other means of getting there (biking, walking, carpooling, etc). However, we provide you with a transit card for the first month to help you get acquainted with the city and give you time to figure out how you would like to commute.

This entirely depends on what you buy and how often you eat out, go to parties, or spend money in general. However, you can approximate how much you will need by consulting www.numbeo.com which will tell you how prices in your chosen city compare to your hometown.

You will have to provide a copy to us before arriving to your internship destination, without medical insurance you will not be able to start your program.

Once the agreement is signed students are unable to change. Our partner companies put a lot of work and effort to facilitate our students and we do not want to inconvenience them with any last minute changes.

Due to visa restrictions, the host companies are unable to pay you.

Many people are nervous about starting an internship in a foreign country which can sometimes lead students to believe they don’t like their host company. However, typically this nervousness dies down and students like their host company. Due to this, we ask that students stay at their original host company for a reasonable amount of time, but if it really isn’t working out, we can change the company. 

There are a number of steps we can take to improve your internship experience such as speaking directly with the company to ensure they are providing you with impactful and relevant work. In a worst-case scenario, we can also switch your company. However, this is very rare.

This is entirely up to the host company. However, startups typically have a very relaxed approach to dress codes and as such you can usually wear normal clothes to work.

In past cohorts, we have run language classes, picnics at viewpoints, viewings of local shows, office tours, and more. However, the exact details are highly dependent on which city you go to.

Excursions are totally optional, but we do recommend you go because it is a valuable cultural experience and a great chance to meet fellow interns. Also, it’s fun!

Yes! Towards the start of your internship, we will send you details regarding the events we will be running.

We will create Facebook groups that you can RSVP to. If you don’t have Facebook you can also RSVP through email.

Yes! All students who successfully complete the program get a signed certificate that states you completed the work term at your company

Yes, you will need to ask your host organization to provide one for you at the end of you internship.