We enjoyed a lot hosting Yueming, Rebecca and Qiyao as interns at Viume. From the beginning they adapted really well to the special rythm of a start-up, were really motivated and had great creative ideas. Without any doubt we would work again with WONE to host other interns.
Silvia bardani
CEO, Viume

Work with us

Wone is an all-inclusive internship program that gives students the experience of a lifetime in a start-up in an international city. Students are placed in a hands-on role that will give them the chance to grow both professionally and as individuals. These interns are highly skilled and knowledgeable and contribute a significant amount of value to their host companies.

Many young companies struggle to find talented and driven employees or simply lack the funds to hire them. These factors can significantly hold back growth in a company of any size and be a hard challenge to overcome. A solution to this problem is to hire talented interns from the Wone Internship program. These are the top students from the best universities all around the world. They come from a variety of backgrounds and bring to the table numerous skills such as analytical abilities, foreign languages, media production, and more. These students are filtered by our admissions team to ensure that companies are only provided with interns that are going to produce top-grade work and be a strong fit within the company.

how it works

  1. You let us know you’re interested in hiring interns and what specific requirements you are looking for. An example may be “I am looking for a student fluent in Mandarin and with strong video editing skills”.
  2. We review our candidates and forward you resumes or candidates we believe would be good fits for the role.
  3. You then select candidates you are interested in interviewing and can conduct Skype interviews.
  4. After interviews, you let us know who you would like to hire and we let the students know the offer and the job description. They then select a student based on the offers they receive.
  5. The interns begin either their 6 or 8 week term in June or July

your responsibilities

Our program guarantees interns will be doing valuable and meaningful work which means this is not an intern to fetch your team coffee and scan documents. These are highly skilled students who travel from across the globe to gather valuable and meaningful work experience from companies in Europe. They are selectively picked from a pool of highly qualified candidates and placed in companies to fill important business roles and run the day-to-day operations of the business. To ensure this, we ask that companies:

  • Delegate the student interesting and relevant work that provides value to the company
  • Provide supervision and advice on tasks
  • Mentor the student and help them develop professionally

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