We are very satisfied with our WONE interns, they are providing us a high quality work. I would definitely hire other international students from WONE.
Pablo Mascaro
Head of Marketing, OneCoWork

Our Offer

Wone’s internship placements allow students to apply the skills and theories they have learnt in university to a working role while also developing new skills and knowledge along the way. In a recent survey, we found that 58% of students that had searched for an internship in the past had failed to land a role with the number rising to 66% for students not enrolled in business, computer science, or engineering degrees. It is challenging to find an internship, and with practical experience being almost a modern-day requirement for students looking for jobs upon graduation, Wone strives to fill this gap by providing meaningful and educational work placements in fast growing start-ups in an international city.

International experience

Studies have shown that 80% of employers actively seek out international experience and that students with such experience earn on average $7000 more in their first job than their counterparts without international experience. The work experiences the students gain, in addition to the cultural knowledge and other competencies they gain from living in a foreign country, make students drastically more employable while at the same time allowing them to have the summer of a lifetime in an international city.

Students safety

Not only are students provided with the internship, they are also taken on cultural activities, excursions, and to language classes to expose them to life in a foreign country and deepen their cultural fluency. Safety is an obvious concern for universities and one that we take very seriously. Our programs are all located in extremely safe cities and we place students in either student residences with a receptionist or selectively chosen apartment buildings in safe neighbourhoods. Additionally, we have employees on the ground in each of our host cities to respond to any problems, questions, or concerns that may arise during the course of the program.

Let's be partners

We have customized partnerships with leading universities around the globe to help them improve the employability of their graduates. We maintain close relationships with partner institutions to ensure that student and university goals are being met. If your institution is interested in learning more about how we can support student learning and career outcomes, please contact us