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This sprawling capital city is a hub of culture, night light, and incredible ambience.

A World Class City

If high culture is your thing, Madrid has the famous Museo del Prado which is ranked higher than the Louvre in Paris. However, if fine art isn’t your idea of a good time, Madrid has something for everyone with night exhibitions at museums and theatres, one of the best jazz clubs on earth, flamenco, roof top terraces, a vibrant nightlife, world-renowned festivals, and even puppet shows in the park. The city is dense and diverse with over three million residents, a population density almost double New York, and almost 13% of residents being of other nationalities than Spanish.

Immersive Cultural Experience

Having been the capital since 1561, Madrid has some of the most stunning architecture in the world. Be sure to check out the central government headquarters, Spanish Royal Palace, and the historic theatre district of Gran Vía. Like most European capitals, Madrid has no shortage of absolutely stunning parks and architecture sprinkled around the city to discover.

A blend of Large Corporations & Startups.

Madrid is an important political and cultural hub with a thriving start-up scene while at the same time being home to several massive companies like Telefónica and international institutions such as the World Tourism Association. With some of the world’s best business schools, ability to attract international talent, and several large incubators and VC firms, Madrid is firmly placing itself as a top European tech hub.

Accelerate Your career with them.

"I was presented with several good options in high-growth ventures going through series-B fundings and I resonated with within 2 weeks."
Sergio Cantore
Bocconi University '18

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