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Bird way of central Lisbon with red roofs and river embankment

Experience Lisbon

Portugal’s Capital, Lisbon, is One of Europe’s Most Spectacular Cities.

The Booming City Loved by Students Just Like you.

If stunning architecture, a rich history, beautiful sprawling beaches, and a lively cultural and business scene sound like your kind of thing, Lisbon may just be the city for you. The city has experienced an economic boom in recent years due, in part, to a sprawling tech scene. This boom saw Lisbon soar 9 places on the Telegraph’s World’s Best Cities list of 2017. Not only does this mean that the city is a fantastic place to work, it also means that the city is still relatively undiscovered and cheap. This means you can clock out of your internship at a rapidly growing start-up and head straight out for a cheap beer or coffee with your friends or co-workers.  

Bird way of central Lisbon with red roofs and river embankment

Surf, Sun, Startups!

The city is ranked as one of the top 15 startup ecosystems in Europe with a growing trend of international exposure. Many large tech companies including Uber, Huawei, and Google, have chosen Lisbon to set up offices. In addition to this, Lisbon is set to be the site of this year’s Web Summit, a massive conference centered around start-ups, technology, and entrepreneurship. The Guardian has even gone so far as to say that Lisbon could be Europe’s next tech capital.

A Friendly, Safe Stay.

With 260 million Portuguese speakers worldwide, Portuguese is an incredibly useful language to learn in the as it opens up countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and even Africa to business. Importantly, Lisbon and Portugal in general are extremely safe for foreigners with Portugal being ranked the 13th safest country in the world. In addition, in both cities we have full-time employees to respond to any questions, problems, or concerns that may arise during the course of the program.

Lisbon is more than what you think.

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they loved LIsbon!

I fell in love with Lisbon as its being an affordable city and i can really see that day-by-day there are more and more students trying to study abroad in Lisbon. This hidden gem in South Europe really has brought me surprises and joy.

- Dalya El Maghraby

Accelerate Your career with them.

"We are very satisfied with our WONE interns and we really want to host more student in 2019!"
Gemma Pentrefa
CEO & Co-founder, Sharify

Want to live the Lisbon Experience?

The best way to experience the innovative hub of Lisbon is by working next to a team of start-uppers. Start yours today!

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