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# No More Bad Internships. 

At WONE, we are not just another internship placement program. With a specialisation in experiential learning, we make sure all students are available for an opportunity to receive high quality experience and get inspired. Are you ready to help transform internship experiences for better? We've been looking for you.

WSAS Discount

By being selected and worked as an WONE Internship ambassador scheme, you receive a direct 5% discount on all products among our 5 destinations upon enrolment into our programs. 

Performance Incentives

We provide you a direct $200 USD referral award with each candidate referred by you who joined one of our programs.

Gain work experience

By being a part of WSAS, you are immersing yourself in a fast-paced innovative environment, developing client-facing, social medial, communication skills. Your work also involve a lot of creativity, autonomy and brainstorm sessions.

We provide you a direct reference letter and LinkedIn review upon request to you.

Come meet us up close

Apply today as a WONE ambassador by filling in the form below. Our team will be in touch with you within 7-14 days to schedule an interview once selected.

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Most frequent questions and answers on WSAS.

WSAS (WONE Student Ambassador Scheme) is dedicated for international students who wish to recommend our Internship programs, communicate our program philosophy to students within your own network (social media platform, class, university campus, etc.)

If you are enrolled in a full-time university degree (Bachelor’s level, Master’s level), aged between 18-25 years old, you are eligible to apply as a WONE Program Ambassador. 

You must full in the application typeform as above. Our team will review your application and invite you to a short interview. Once enrolled in the scheme, our team will inform you regarding program overview and scheduled ambassador training details.

By joining the WSAS, you are not simply just an ambassador to our program. We want YOUR voice and brainstorm together with our core operation team (Barcelona HQ) to transform students internship experience for better. 

Your primary roles of being an Ambassador includes:
1.Promote our program on campus, including career fairs.
2.Help us to increase our online presence through mainly social media networks, blogs and university newsletters.
3.Brainstorm with our core marketing team on promotional strategies in order to better communicate our value proposition to campus students.
4. Participate in certain events at planned time & locations.

WONE provides you great personal and professional potential by working side-by-side with a fast-growing organisation that cares about your ideas.

We help you to achieve and grow:

  • Client facing skills
  • Social media marketing
  • Content creation & marketing 
  • Communication / problem solving skills
  • Business Development skills at your local region
  • Participate on monthly meetings and meet other inspiring ambassadors
  • Have a chance to meet our 350+ founders, entreprenuers, companies within our start-up networks. 

Overall, you gain real hands-on experience by working as a WONE ambassador, your opinions and voices are heard and valued. We help you to develop transferrable skills which are highly valued by today’s employers.

Last but not the least, we also provide you the following items upon completion which boost your CV:

  • WONE ambassador certificate
  • WONE reference letter
  • LinkedIn review upon request

WSAS is a commission-based program. We fully adapt to your schedule and time wish to be dedicated into the program. Small amount of stipends may be applied to certain cases and special occasions. 

Our ambassadors are currently operating in 3 regions (Asia, Oceania, America). You will be informed by Ambassador Manager via E-mail and Skype on a weekly basis. 

Each region is organised and managed separately due to time differences.

Feel free to send us an email at