Do you find yourself struggling to think of great ideas? Try a combination of these and you’ll start training your brain to think outside of the box.


1.Carry a notebook or use the ‘notes’ section in your phone

Most of the time when you have an amazing idea, by the time you think about writing it down, you’ve already forgotten it. Ideas are best fresh, so having a dedicated notebook will help you to jot down all of your creative thoughts the minute they spring into your mind. Write down everything, even the crazy ideas (you can always go back and edit them later).


2. Talk through ideas with a friend, even if they are bad

By talking through an idea, you are forced to summarise it. This is a form of evaluation so you can see the bad parts of an idea and improve them until you have something great. Getting feedback from someone you trust is useful as they may spot something you have missed.


3.Clear out your study/work space

Trying to think deeply in amessy space can end up being super stressful. Set aside an hour to spring clean and you’ll find that a cleaner space allows your mind to be more positive and has fewer distractions. A focused space leads to a concentrated mind.

4. Surround yourself with inspiration

Read more! Motivational blogs, quality documentaries, art, music will all help to start your creative juices flowing.


5. Identify when you feel most creative

Some people feel most inspired after a bath; others come up with ideas when they are hyped from a workout. Find when you feel you come up with your best ideas and try and do this activity 2-3 times a week.

6. Challenge your own opinions

Organise discussions with people who have opposing opinions. While debating with them may not change your mind, it will make you consider more points of view. This allows you create more varied ideas. Lots of entrepreneurs have made millions by improving things that already exist instead of inventing a completely new product.


7. Make a date with yourself

In order to come up with amazing thoughts you occasionally need to be on your own, so make plans for alone time. Time without the distractions of friends, family, traffic etc will enable you to think peacefully and really dig deep into your thoughts.


8. Change your environment

Mix it up…don’t just stay sat at a desk for hours trying to think. Go outside, to a coffee shop or just a walk in the local woods, anywhere with different smells, sounds and views. This not only gives you new sources of inspiration but also keeps your brain active.

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