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WONE [wɐn], noun: World of New Experiences.

Wone Internship Program provides you part-time or full-time opportunities working at high-growth startups worldwide, with a focus in Spain & Portugal, and other Europe-based locations. 
Our Philosophy: 

Remote Learning

Virtual internship

Unleash your Career

Our program complements your academic studies with hands-on applications and allows you to develop new skills through work. Our team utilise a holistic approach that encourages to gain substantial professional development.

When you’re placed in an innovative company in need of ambitious workers, the possibilities are limitless.Our interns are placed on the front lines of business, working alongside CEOs, founders, and VPs on projects such as financial planning, market research, product design, IT and so on.

WONE Program participants are matched with a host company in the industry of their interests. We allow your flexibility to figure out your career passion through multi-tasking at a high-growth venture alongside with your internship and an inspiring team.

Virtual Opportunities in 3 world-class cities, 350+ fastest growing companies, 12 industry options. Program starts every 2 weeks.

Experience A New Culture from Home.

You can intern from the companies network based in 3 leading Innovation Hubs of Europe – we have spent the past years to build the extensive company base and provide them now to you. Work remotely alongside with successful Entrepreneurs, Investors & Innovators

Virtual Program Destinations:

Remote Program Fee: 800 EUR / 930 USD 

Program Date: Start every 1st & 15th of the month. 

Remote Program Fee: 800 EUR / 930 USD 

Program Date: Start every 1st & 15th of the month. 

Remote Program Fee: 800 EUR / 930 USD 

Program Date: Start every 1st & 15th of the month. 

What our previous students say:

"I did my internship Barcelona, in a e-commerce company that succeeded in a very recent Kickstarter campaign. My missions were to deal with customer service and manage social media networks. I am very satisfied with my internship, the team was really nice to me and I learned so many things."
Bryant W.
"I worked as an communication intern at where my missions were to manage the social medias and create content for the company. Thanks to this internship I acquired a lot of new skills, such as digital design, among others, and it will be truly helpful for my future career."
Sienna C.
I loved working in a start-up because I had the chance to meet so many interesting people and not only from my company, to chat with them and learn to know each other. I really enjoyed being part of this program because I gained valuable work experience but also an enriching life experience."
Vanessa Y.
"I really liked this internship because working in a start-up is very different experience from working in big companies. Here you have to create everything by yourself so you can learn more and know how the company is built."
Qiyao L.

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